Player Development

We help underprivileged young footballers realize their potential by raising funds to grant them 100% training scholarships to avail them quality football education at BBFS. Over 100 talented scholars have been scouted and are given free training in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Jammu.

The scholarship program covers majority of the cost involved in providing quality football training, exposure camps as well as supporting these players with the required medical facilities.

  • Regular Training

    We provide a world-class platform wherein talented young footballers can hone their talent under the right guidance. The scholars (selected under the IFF Scholarship Program) are from the EWS, and have been carefully selected based on their performance at the national level and their potential to become leading professionals and responsible citizens.
  • Travel Reimbursement

    Several of our scholars have to travel long distances to receive training under BBFS coaches at various training centers. IFF reimburses the travel expenses for such scholars to ensure that their development process is not compromised.
  • Exposure and Development Path

    We support our scholars and provide them with the opportunity to participate in various tournaments in India and abroad. We constantly provide them with the opportunity to present themselves for the trials held at National and State level.

Our Achievements

  • Six of these scholars are playing in the I-league, and more than 30 representing state teams and have been shortlisted to join the AIFF regional academies.
  • Anuj Kumar - one of the BBFS scholars – was a part of the National Squad (U16) which won the recently concluded SAFF Games 2013 in Nepal.
  • More than 65 representations at the national level by the scholars funded by Indian Football Foundation - details below
2011-12 Season
SNNameAge GroupScholar?Tournaments Selected
1Amit DhankerU19YesSchool Nationals
2Anmol Rattan BhasinU16NoOpen Nationals
3Anuj KumarU14YesAFC U14 Nationals
4Gaurav BohraU14YesAFC U14 Nationals
5KaustavOberoiU16NoSchool Nationals
6Maan SinghU19YesSchool Nationals
7Madhav ChaudharyU19NoSchool Nationals
8Mahip AdhikariU14YesAFC U14 Nationals
9Mohd. AquibU16YesOpen Nationals
10Mukesh KumarU16YesOpen Nationals
11Naveen TaxakU14YesAFC U14 Nationals
12Nitesh ChhikaraU19YesSchool Nationals, India Camp
13Rohit KumarU16YesOpen Nationals
14Sayak BaraiU16YesSchool Nationals, AIFF Regional Academy
15Siddhant AgarwalU16NoOpen Nationals, AIFF Regional Academy
16Uday SahniU19NoOpen Nationals
17Uzair AnsariU16YesAFC U14 Nationals
18Vikrant BhatiU16YesOpen Nationals
2012-13 Season
SNNameAge GroupScholar?Tournaments Selected
1Aditya VashistU15NoMUPC Nationals
2Ananda GuptaU14, U15NoAFC U14 Nationals, MUPC Nationals
3Angad S GillU16NoCoca-cola Cup (Nationals)
4Anuj KumarU15YesAIFF Regional Academy
5Arjun BishtU16YesCoca-cola Cup (Nationals)
6Arjun ShuklaU16NoCoca-cola Cup (Nationals)
7Arpit HoodaU15NoMUPC Nationals
8Aryaan JhingonU15NoMUPC Nationals
9Aryaman TrehanU16, U15NoCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
10Aryan PalU13YesAFC U13 Nationals
11Ashis PradhanU15YesAIFF Regional Academy
12Ashish RaiU16, U15YesCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
13Bibek ChettriU16, U15YesCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
14Daksh GuptaU13NoAFC U13 Nationals
15Gaurav BoraU16, U15YesCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
16Jasmeet SinghU15NoMUPC Nationals
17Mahip AdhikariU16, U15YesCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
18Manik Bahadur NagarU16NoCoca-cola Cup (Nationals)
19Mohd. AnsarU16, U15YesCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
20Mudit GuptaU16, U15NoCoca-cola Cup (Nationals), MUPC Nationals
21Munmun LugunU19YesI League (USFC)
22Nitin MeelU19YesI League (ShillongLajong FC), India Team
23Pankaj KumarU15YesMUPC Nationals
24Prashant KhuranaU13NoAFC U13 Nationals
25Rakshit KumarU19YesI League (USFC)
26Tushar ChhibberU14YesAFC U14 Nationals
27Umer GuptaU15NoMUPC Nationals
28Vaibhav SareenU13YesAFC U13 Nationals
29Vikram GillU19YesI League (USFC)
30Yash SharmaU14NoAFC U14 Nationals
2013-14 Season
SNNameAge GroupScholar?Tournaments Selected
1Ashish RaiU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
2Basant KumarU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
3Gaurav BoraU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
4Hrithik AroraU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
5Raju KumarU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
6Rohit KumarU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
7Vikrant BhatiU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
8Vivek ChettriU19YesB. C. Roy Trophy (Ranchi) AIFF U19 Nationals
9Siddhant Rao (Captain)U14NoUnder-14 boys national championship in Kalyani, West Bengal
10Daksh Gupta (VC)U14NoUnder-14 boys national championship in Kalyani, West Bengal
11Kush PandeyU14NoUnder-14 boys national championship in Kalyani, West Bengal
12Yash ChauhanU14PartialUnder-14 boys national championship in Kalyani, West Bengal
13AlankarU14YesUnder-14 boys national championship in Kalyani, West Bengal
14Hardeep SinghU14NpUnder-14 boys national championship in Kalyani, West Bengal
15Ashu KashyapU17YesU17 School Nationals - Tripura 2014
16Vikas ChaudharyU17YesU17 School Nationals - Tripura 2014
17JigmitU17YesU17 School Nationals - Tripura 2014