We, at Indian Football Foundation (IFF), are focused on nurturing talented footballers and providing quality football training. There are over a 100 scholars whom we support – with the aim of making them professional footballers. To ensure inclusive and sustainable growth – we also support young trainers with the aim of making them into professional football coaches. However, in this journey of identifying and nurturing talent – we need your support.

Our commitment to these scholars and trainers requires us to expose them by participating in domestic and international competitions. We undertake the fundamental duty to cover their medical expenses to prevent long term injuries and strive to develop their overall personality by ensuring that every scholar has the means to quality education and healthy balanced nutrition. Support our scholars and trainers to become better professionals and get a chance to represent the country at the international stage.

A monthly contribution of Rs. 3,000 can help us fund the training and equipment needs of one of our scholars. A donation of Rs. 6,000 helps us source the basic training equipment for a team of 11 scholars. Sponsor the mentoring program of our trainers – and help them become professional football coaches. Your son’s old football shoe might work as the catalyst for our scholars’ improved performance.

Here are some ways of bringing the change!

Our program is distinguished by our philosophy of “quality training to all” and the people backing the concept. With Bhaichung’s commitment and a strong organizational setup – we, here at IFF, maintain the highest degree of transparency and credibility. The impact of our program is visible by the achievements of our scholars in the short period of our inception.

Our annual performance reports are available to maintain transparency and credibility and we would be glad to get you involved in this mission – in more ways than one. Should you want to speak to us before making a contribution, drop us an email at info@indianfootballfoundation.org and we will be happy to reach out to you!